Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Big Sips And Tall Ships

I think I have finally relaxed after my crazy weekend. Not only was it Canada Day weekend but it was also the weekend that Hamilton's pier 8 was taken over by some of the tallest ships in the world, and I got to be a part of it all!

Okay, truth... I wasn't so much "a part of it" as I was selling tickets for it, but still you get the picture. It was a great event and something completely different. There were 5 ships from all over the place, including the biggest one, Sorlandet, which hailed from Norway. It is the oldest full rigged ship still in operation...IN THE WORLD!

Liana's Ransom sailing out for a cruise.

The event was long, hot and so very busy. Who knew that so many Hamiltonians were shippers. Although thanks to the heat I did have to deal with some fairly miserable people but I wouldn't have traded the weather considering it was supposed to rain the entire weekend. Thank goodness that didn't happen and for the most part people seemed to be loving the ship out of this event! (See what I did there?) Unfortunately the opening night musical entertainment was cancelled due to the forecast but the rest of the weekend was beautiful. Almost as beautiful as the ships themselves.

Some of my work friends.

I was privileged enough to work right in front of the tall beauties. Not a bad view if I do say so myself. I only wish I had been able to go on one of the deck tours that I was selling tickets for. Unfortunately I was selling tickets before they opened and until they closed so that didn't happen. I'll make sure I do if they ever come back. I would love to step foot on a piece of history like that. It's a little bit sad when you think that ships like this used to be the norm on the waterways and now there are so few that huge events are held just to see them.

This was taken from my work station. Not too shabby eh.

The tall ships were here as part of Hamilton's 1812 Bicentennial celebrations and I think it's safe to say that this is an event that should become annual.

(A great little video posted on YouTube by pier8group)

After the insane whirlwind that was working at the tall ship event I was so exhausted that even forming sentences seemed difficult but I am a solid patriot and so of course on holiday Monday I had my friends and family over for a delightful Canada Day BBQ and beer party. This has become somewhat of an annual event and I am glad that it has. I persevered through the day of drinking and eating but alas was far too tired to go watch fireworks. I was in bed before I even heard any go off. Me thinks I'm getting too old to burn the candle at both ends anymore.

Some of my friends on Canada Day 2013. Red & White REPRESENT!!

I hope all my Canadian readers (do I have readers?) enjoyed your weekend, eh! And if you get a chance to go see the tall ships at another port or, if fingers crossed, they return to Hamilton's harbour I would suggest you go. It is truly an incredible sight.