Friday, 9 November 2012

Mitt and the MO.

So unless you've been living under a rock for the past week you would have probably encountered the craziness that was the American Presidential election. Now I am not American but I do believe that the choices and decisions of America can really affect Canadians and even the world. That being said you can imagine how nervous I was when Mitt Romney came so close to winning. I'm not going to talk about this a lot because it is all over and thankfully Barack Obama won and will be in office for another four years, but seriously...HOW did it get that close? It scares me to think that there are so many close-minded, ignorant people out there. Absolutely terrifying.

Hates the poor, the gay and the women... unless of course,  they're in a binder.

But it's all done and kudos America. You made the right choice! I mean sure Donald Trump is pissed but luckily he can't "fire" the president. Way to go neighbours. Way to go. My uterus thanks you.

4 More Years!! Phew.

So now that that's all over I want to move on to something less disgusting than Mitt Romney possibly being in power...MOvember. Yes it's that time again. Time for men to grow dirty, pedophile mustaches in support of men's health and cancers, such as prostate cancer and men's mental health. The problem is that most male illnesses can be an embarrassing topic and lots of men shy away from talking about it or having themselves checked out.

So now during the month of November women are fleeing away from the scratchy upper lip scarves of good hearted men, but even though the Tom Selleck faced bros aren't getting much love because of their MO's, they sure can feel good about why they are doing it. Prostate cancer is a real problem for men but it seems to be overshadowed by fundraisers and awareness about other cancers. This is a wonderful way for men to bring light to a somewhat shadowed topic. I wish that MOvember had been happening when my grandfather was sick, it wasn't something that was talked about. Now I know that my grandpa would be happy to see me donate to it and hopefully some guys will be compelled to go get checked out. For more MO info handlebar here.

My friend Steve Gillon has thrown a MOvember event the past few years and since I can not grow a MO I go to show my support and donate to a great cause. Steve is the founder of High Fives 2 Help Lives which is a visionary way to raise awareness about cancer and heart disease prevention. He's a great guy and is starting to get some real recognition which is super. For more info on how to give a high five to help a life High Five Right Here!! And if you aren't busy Sunday evening head on out to wonderful MOvember event!

Come MO-one, come MO-all!

And last but very not least... one more reason to love Ryan Gosling and the whole Hey Girl series. LOVE it.

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