Friday, 25 January 2013

I Know Where It's At

A few years ago my friend told me that when I have a bad day or week or month or whatever to write everything that I'm thankful for down on a piece of paper and then read it out loud and I will feel better. I can attest that this actually works. I'd like to bring this idea into the year 2013.

It's true that things have been going pretty well for me lately but I can't help but still feel like my life isn't where it should be by society standards (and my own as well). I'm going to post pictures of the things that I am most thankful for and the experiences I've been able to have thanks to being single, living at home and not having a "career". I'm ready for those things now but looking back I have to say I'm kind of glad they have been a little delayed because I would not have been able to live this exciting life if I had been tied down.

This is not in any order of importance or excitement. I love that I have so many wonderful people in my life and that I have had so many wonderful experiences. I couldn't be any more thankful!

1. Candace convincing me to go snorkeling in Punta Cana with sharks and stingrays. One of the most terrifying and exciting moments of my life.

2. Backpacking through Ireland, Scotland and England with one of my best friends! A true testament to mine and Laura's friendship! 

3.  Getting to live my Harry Potter obsession in England. (attached to number 2)

4. Seeing Stonehenge. (attached to number 2)

 5. Watching my friends and my beautiful sister become blushing brides.

Jenn and Scott
Sarah and Rob
Lindsay and Augustin

 6. Hiking a mountain in Alberta. It was so beautiful and intense. It's hard to find words. I would never have made it up without Laura and Mallory pushing me, and I'm sooo glad I did because it was breathtaking!


 7. Going to Europe for the first time to visit my best friend, Jolene! What an amazing trip that was. If I had not done that I don't think I would have become the travel junky that I am today. So thanks for going to school in England and letting me come stay with you :)

8. Getaways with my mom and my sister. Toronto, New York. I love these ladies more than anything and I'm so glad that I will have these memories forever.

9. Watching my best friends become the most beautiful moms.

Me with Jolene's son, Jude. He was so tiny.
Jolene and her daughter Penny.
Leanne with her beauties Olivia and Jemma.

10. Visiting Ian in Belgium and going to Amsterdam! Travel was great but rekindling an old friendship was excellent.

Bruges <3
Amsterdam :D

11. Being asked to be in one of my best friends weddings! Of course I said yes! It's this year!!

Andrew and Candace!

12. Having the freedom and time to travel to other cities to see my favourite bands.

Me sitting beside Hanson when they were on MTV Canada! I was totally freaking out!

Detroit with Sarah, Amanda and Laura to see Hanson! (Yes...I realllly like Hanson :P)
Hanson's "Take The Walk" one mile barefoot walk in support of the fight against poverty and aids in Africa. That's me walking barefoot behind Zac Hanson in State College, Pennsylvania.
The Trews
They play a lot of shows near Hamilton so I see them a lot. Here I had caught that cowbell during the show.
 Go check out the Take The Walk website to see what small steps you can take to help!

13. My dream of going to France came true! Trip of a lifetime! Kind of funny that it is number 13 since I was unlucky enough to be REALLY sick the entire trip. C'est la vie.

14. Amazing trips and the loudest laughs with the best friends a girl could EVER ask for!

I look forward to our weekend at Dario's every year! Such fun!

15. Family! Mine's amazing! I hope yours is too!!

Cottaging it up with Dad!
Family Christmas Party Tradition!
Sibling love at Lindsay's wedding reception!
Sister, Sister! My sister is the best woman I know. I love her more than anything! I don't want you to get the wrong impression...I loooove my brothers to infinity but I guess sisters just have a special bond!
Family portrait with Dad!
Time spent with those you love is never time wasted!

16. Zip lining through a jungle in the Dominican Republic! Absolutely incredible!

17. Watching my gorgeous niece Maddison growing up! She's 3 now and quite the little lady. She's probably my favourite person in the world.

 18. Continuing my education. Yes it has been a subject of turmoil and disappointment but I definitely don't regret it as it has helped make me who I am! Learning is never a bad thing. I'm proud of myself.

Graduating from Journalism.
Graduating from Post Graduate Public Relations in June 2012.
 19. Watching my baby sister grow a baby inside of her! I can't wait to meet the little munchkin! 

My glowing baby sister at 30 weeks.
 20. The determination to continue living my life in this way with these people no matter what in my life may happen now. Love, success, money, career, moving on out...whatever it is I can't wait to have new adventures and experiences come my way.

Wow this really did help. I am super spoiled in my life. The friends, the family...just totally spoiled.

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