Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Ok, we've had word that there is some bad LSD circulating in the crowd. Please stay away from the LSD. Do not bite any off or chew it.

I read an interesting story today in the newspaper. It has absolutely nothing to do with Hamilton but boy oh boy I think it deserves a discussion...or well since I'm alone and nobody ever comments on here I guess I'm having a discussion with myself but nonetheless here it goes.


It's here. It's here. I knew last year when they put out all that stuff that was apparently a "joke" about how to survive a zombie apocalypse that somehow, somewhere, somebody would find a way to manufacture some kind of zombie drug. Well it's here kids and you can probably get it if you tried hard enough. Apparently a new form of LSD got out in Miami where Rudy Eugene was unfortunate enough to take it.

This form of LSD is called Bath Salts and is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!! Eugene, 31, was found naked on the side of a highway. He was on top of another man and was eating his face. When the police arrived and ordered him to get off the victim he apparently looked up and growled at them and then went on chewing the mans face. The police shot at him but he continued eating. It took several more shots before Eugene succumbed to his injuries. He is being called the Causeway Cannibal.

The victim is presumed to be homeless and has not been identified as of yet. He is in very critical condition with more than 75% of his face missing. GROSS!!

I knew drugs were bad but I never thought they could potentially lead to the apocalypse. You just wait. It will start with people taking this drug and then their victims will turn and in no time we will all be zombies! Well not me...I'll be hanging out with Woody Harrelson and searching for Twinkies. Mmmm Twinkies. Okay this apocalypse is not sounding so bad. TWINKIE APOCALYPSE!

Lesson here kiddos is DON'T DO DRUGS (especially if they came from Miami). Simple enough.

mrawww braaainnnsss!! or faaaaceee!

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