Monday, 9 July 2012

Bar Golf

This weekend I partook in the annual (my brother's birthday) tradition of bar golf! For those of you who don't know what bar golf is here is a description, thank goodness for Wikipedia: Pub Golf!

The bar golf group! Yes I was the only girl :P 
Bar or pub golf as Wiki referred to it lead us to many great pubs and bars downtown. I couldn't stay for the entire green but I managed to play at least seven holes before I had to leave. After bar golf I joined my lady friends for a girl's night! That lead us to a club in downtown Hamilton. All this bar hopping has lead me to make a list of my top 5 favourite bars in Hamstown!

5. The Whistling Walrus- Located on Upper James in Hamilton this British style pub has great food/pub grub served by friendly staff. They have live music and daily drink specials. I especially was a fan of Martini Night or Martini Mayhem as my friends and I used to call it. This is a great place for a low-key evening.

There is even a fun British phone booth!

4. The Lionshead/ Squires- Number 4 is a tie between The Lionshead and Ye Olde Squires. Squires is on Fennell and has a similar feel as The Lionshead only much, much bigger. Squires is probably my most frequented bar as my family likes to go there for dinner sometimes. The Lionshead is hidden on John Street right beside Mata Mata tattoo shop. The reason I had to include The Lionshead is because it is one of the first bars I ever went to and I'm sentimental like that. It's such a little nook of a pub. Not much seating but always good music (live) and great people (I'm gonna guess most clientele are Scottish...and that usually leads to a good time). Fairly sure they have the cheapest beer in town which is important to penny pinchers like myself.

Inside Ye Olde Squire's, my neighbourhood pub.

How you will be seeing when you leave here.

 3. Diavolo Nightclub- Hess Village has lots to offer to people of all ages during the day. Great patios and yummy food but come nightfall it is a college student mecca. Girls that can't really walk in their heels, super mini skirts and lots of boobs...literally and figuratively. You're a boob :P Hess is really not my scene anymore. I seem to have outgrown it. Yes I'm old, but I can still recall having MANY amazing nights at Diavolo's. They usually have pretty good drink deals as well.

Love the cave-like atmosphere

2. Club Absinthe & Absinthe Lounge- Although I have yet to visit the new Absinthe location I am assured it is just as much fun as the old one. Club absinthe is found on King William St and Absinthe Lounge is in Hess. I made them a couple because you'll probably have fun at both of them. Interesting people, amazing music and good times pretty much guaranteed. If you haven't been to Motown night at Club Absinthe you just haven't lived.

Club Absinthe's new location. This used to be The Pepper Jack Cafe.

1. Augusta (Street)- I could not choose one bar on Augusta that I have not had a good time at. The whole street is just low-key, good vibes. My friends and I frequent this street full of pubs all the time. Of course it is wonderful in the summer when all the patios are open but the interior of some of these pubs are just so picturesque and comfortable that Augusta is the place to go any time of year. Pubs on Augusta: Gallaghers, The Cat & Fiddle, The Pheasant Plucker, The Winking Judge, The Ship, Aout'N'About and The Augusta House. All great bars. Go to them. All of them.

A few bars on August. Aout'n'About, The Ship and The Winking Judge.

These are by no means "THE BEST" bars in Hamilton. These are just some of my favourites, my opinion. These are places I would suggest to people asking where to go for a fun night or for a round or two of bar golf! FORE!!

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