Friday, 3 August 2012

Gore...The Park, Not An Injury Involving Blood And Guts

Last week I decided to go check out the summer promenade that is taking place at Gore Park. It goes every Wednesday-Friday from 11am to 5:30pm until September 15th. They have really advertised this saying there are lots of vendors and great food. Of course when I went down there was almost nothing there. There were a few food trucks but there was only one vendor.

I'm sure other days there is more going on. Either way it's a great way to use Gore Park as a pedestrian area as well as drawing people downtown. After wandering around there for a bit I went and checked out some stores that I never think to go to. I went to Cheapies, Dr. Disc, and a few others. It was really nice. I got some good deals too.

The Summer Promenade. Gore Park, Hamilton
 On the weekend one of Hamilton's most popular food trucks, Gorilla Cheese celebrated it's one year anniversary. They were parked at Gore for Saturday and Sunday for the celebrations. On Sunday the television show Eat St. was there to film a segment for one of their upcoming shows. How exciting for Gorilla Cheese to have gained that much attention in just one year of business. Amazing really. Of course I went down to this because I am not only a fan of Gorilla Cheese but a big fan of Eat St. I watch it all the time. I am getting hungry just writing this and remembering how yummy my Gorilla Cheese was. I had the El Jefe (Heffe) which is new and was DELICIOUS. It had smoked pork, ham, cheddar cheese, pickles and dijon mustard on it. I'm not even a huge pickle fan and I LOVED it!

My sister and I waiting in line for some Gorilla Cheese!
We met James Cunningham, the host of Eat St. I am holding a Gorilla Cheese :P
It's nice to see Gore Park being used for more than just drug deals, although I'm sure that still goes on. Thousands of people were there over the weekend and I hope that in time it can become a safer, more enjoyable community space.

Here's me standing in front of the fountain that has been in Gore Park since 1860.

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