Saturday, 8 September 2012

Stop, Shop On Locke

Hello Hamiltonian's and Hamilton lovers. I must apologize for my absence. Between work and my internship I have not had a lot of time to sit down and tend to my own blog. Bad me. Bad. That isn't to say that Hamilton hasn't had anything going on...ohhhh no. Hamilton has been a buzz with exciting social events and I have been to quite a few of them. I just didn't write about them because I'm a slacker. I won't lie. I could have found a moment here or there I just didn't. Anyways although summer is sadly coming to an end I am happy to announce that with the end of summer begins the season of fall fairs, festivals and of course my favourite of all celebrations...Halloween!

Today was the first fall festival of the season for me. The Hamilton Locke Street Festival. It started out a bit shakey this morning with the weather being rainy and gusty but it cleared up enough to venture out and I am glad that I did. It is one of my favourite festivals. Lots of great artists and creative Hamilton peeps out and about. That area is one of my favourites in the hammer so I am always happy to go hang out in that atmosphere!

Verrrry busy on Locke Street today!!
 Although all of the vendors are AMAZING!! Truly, seriously so talented. I must call out a few that really caught my eye this time around.
I got some great deals and am now really anticipating next weeks SUPERCRAWL!! Oh yes friends, it is here at last! 

Here are some of the awesome things you could have found at the Locke Street Festival!

Mason Jar Lantern from Sweet Primrose (I bought this!)

Mason Jar Sippy Cup & Adorable Headband I bought for my niece also from Sweet Primrose

Really Cute Designs By Erin Webster Jewelery. Super Talented!

Amazing Ankle/Foot Bracelet from Adelaide Arts. I did not buy this but how cute is it!?!?
 There are tons of talented folks in Hamtown so make sure you go out to all the festivals and support our local artists and vendors. If you aren't into shopping and perusing the stalls there was also a huge day of music put on by the Westtown Bar. Tomi Swick as well as The Dinner Belles and lots and lots more were on the bill.

I will see you at Supercrawl!! Great Lake Swimmers, Terra Lightfoot, Said The Whale, K'Naan and so many more will be there too!! Don't miss it!

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