Saturday, 29 September 2012

Dinner Is Served

I have mentioned time and time again how Hamilton is blessed with a ton of talented musicians. It's actually kind of ridiculous. I'd like to take the time right now to talk about The Dinner Belles. You've heard me talk about them before. I swear I'm not a stalker or anything like that but since seeing them for the first time back in June at The Burlington Sound Of Music Festival I have not been able to get enough!

The Dinner Belles <3
 Here is a little bit of background about The Dinner Belles, many of whom come from other prominent Hamilton bands to form this new folksy awesomeness. Although they are a definite ensemble Brad Germain seems to be the leading man. You may remember him from other bands such as Spirits and The Marble Index. I was actually a pretty big fan of The Marble Index when they were around as well. I was sad that they went on hiatus in 2010 but if The Dinner Belles is what came out of that separation well then I'm all for it. Click here for a blast from the past, The Marble Index.

The other lead is the lovely and beyond talented Terra Lightfoot. I seriously have the biggest girl crush on this woman. She occasionally rocks it out solo and although I love her in The Dinner Belles it is really nice to see her fronting the band. She gives me goosebumps. She has a new self-titled album out on Sonic Onyon Records. You can pick it up on their website OR you can buy the digital album on Itunes. Here! So you should definitely pick that up and in the meantime enjoy a little of her vocal stylings right here!

Brandon Bliss is another member you may recognize from another band. He is also a part of the super successful Hammer band, Monster Truck. The Dinner Belles is quite a departure from that sound. Click here for a little Monster Truck. Rounding out the cast are Melanie Pothier, Scott Bell, Greg Brisco and Jonathon Ely Cass.

I still think it's funny that I am in love with this band. It is so far from what I'm normally into. I don't usually love that country/folk sound but they do it so well and they have such a passion for it that it's hard to not have a passion for them. 

To my absolute delight The Dinner Belles played at a stag and doe I went to last night! Hamilton's golden (headed...he's bald...see what I did there?) boy Jamie "Gunner" Smith is taking the plunge. He is marrying a lovely lady named Lori and I am very happy for them! I'm also very happy that they have awesome taste in music and obviously great connections to get some awesome bands to play at their stag and doe.

Stag Gunner...bahahaha!
So here are a few pics from what I'm sure was the Stag and Doe to beat all Stag and Does.

Is that a pearl necklace? Kind of fancy for a cake ;p

The Dinner Belles!

The Dinner Belles

Terra Lightfoot crooning. Me=Swooning

 Cheryl Stornelli, Gunner and meeee!!
So congrats to Jamie and Lori, it was a great night! AND....GO SEE THE DINNER BELLES!!!!

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